WPS Connect APK Download [Latest] v1.3.6 to Get Rid of Connectivity Miseries!

WPS Connect APK is the app which lets you get rid of the connectivity miseries; we often wonder as to what if we get access to our friend’s/ co worker’s/ neighbour’s wifi password.

Life would just seem to get better, if we get what we need and this is possible with the help of WPS Connect APK download. With the help of WPS Connect Android, you can now have the access to pass keys of other wifi.

This is the app which lets you find the vulnerabilities in a wifi and one can exploit the same to go for the breakthrough of the app. hence wait no more and know about WPS Connect APK.

WPS Connect APK

App Name: WPS Connect APK

Version: v1.3.6

Developer: FroX

Supported Version: Android 4.0+

Last Updated: April 27, 2017

You must have had an idea about what WPS Connect APK is, this is the app which lets you connect to the wifi nearby with the help of the WPS  network and with the mod version it just gets better.

Wifi connect APK lets you have an idea about the vulnerabilities of the wifi and hence you can take the advantage on that basis.

Latest WPS Connect APK Information

Application WPS Connect APK
App Size 2.9 MB
Total Downloads 10,000,000+
Supported Version Android 4.0+
App Developer FroX
Last Updated April 27, 2017

Features of WPS Connect

  • Connect with WPS Default Pin Generator (At least 15 PINs displayed).
  • Availability of WiFi analyzer (Channel, Distance to the router, Router manufacturer, Encryption…).
  • Connection using passphrase.
  • One can get easy Password maker (Create strong passwords).
  • Option to go for Password recovery (See saved WiFi passwords – requires root).
  • Suitability for Port Scanner along with the WiFi channel scanner.
  • Show connected devices to your network (Show name, mac, vendor, IP, count).
  • More advancement of WiFi increased security guidelines.

How to use WPS Connect APK?

  • After the installation of WPS Connect APK you have to open the app and go to the main menu and then you will be asked to root the app.
  • Once you are done with that you can go for the scanning option and in that you will find all the routers with the vulnerabilities in the PIN.
  • These vulnerabilities will help you get connected to the router. This will hence help you have the clear notion of how to use the WPS Connect APK new version.

WPS Connect Latest Screenshots


Thus  WPS Connect APK is one way by which you can get access to all the routers that have the vulnerabilities in their pins and which will in turn let you connect to the wifi router.

Hence wait no more and go for the WPS Connect APK download this is the app which will help you manipulate the setting of the router whose vulnerability has been known. Thus you can then exploit the same and play around with the authentication system.

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